31 Oct 2012

Happy halloweenie

This year Halloween was rather de ja vu as both girls decided to wear costumes that they have used before. Since we have a huge trunk of dress up clothes I was quite happy with the idea. Of course I expected nothing less from Rosie as she is absolutely opposed to any kind of change so why on earth would she want to wear something different.

Lily put together a witches costume from 3 different costumes and was very happy with her end result. Initially she was going to be an angel but somewhere along the line that idea flew out the window.

They both went to school dressed in costume and at the very last second Rosie got nervous because she was scared her teacher would look to scary. I talked her out of her tree quickly and off she trotted. They have strict guidelines for school so I knew she wouldn't get scared.

Super Girl
Not so wicked witch
spider and warts
This evening Auntie Sally and Uncle Andy took them to Build A Bear so we decided to trick or treat there at the mall and stop at some friends houses on the way home. By the time we got back here it was late so we did a few minutes outside before they were obviously way too tired and ghastly so I whisked them away to bed.
Rosie with Sandy ***
Lily with Big Bear
***The reason Rosie called her bear Sandy has nothing to do with the storm and I tried to talk her out of it but then she told me why she had chosen it I melted, it is a mix of Sally and Andy.


val said...

The spider on Lily's face is absolute perfection....love that creativity!

Vivian M said...

The costumes are great! I think Sandy is perfect.


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