1 Nov 2012

Gratitude, or lack thereof

There are a few things that really get my goat but probably the one that stands out the most is ungratefulness. Grrr.

I work very hard on teaching my children to be grateful and thankful and in today's world it is easier said than done but it is MY job. If we hear of someone less fortunate than us, a friend in need, a baby like Ivy Joy, I want them to ask, "What can we do?" They know they are lucky to have a roof over their heads, parents and a family that love them, 3 hots and a cot because I have explained that the things that we take for granted are not things that everyone has.

I shelter them from alot of the ugly in this world but I still want them to be aware and above all to be thankful. I don't want them to be all about, me me me, I want them to look at the bigger picture.

Last night ended on a sour note for both girls. They went to bed very upset. Auntie sally and Uncle Andy took them to Build A Bear and bought them bears and gave them a voucher for clothes. They were thankful and very appreciative but once we got home things went sour. An argument happened, ugly happened and I told them to hand it all over cos it was being returned. Now I can't return the bears but the clothing I can.

Today I went and returned it.

Live and learn little ones live and learn. Don't play with fire because you will get burned and today when you get home from school you will both pick a favourite toy that we will send to the Red Cross donation centre so that it can be sent to New Jersey for a little girl who just lost E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G.

You are both under the microscope of Mummys scrutiny, your behaviour was not becoming nor allowed. Now it is up to both of you to show that you know how to behave and to make it right.

Oh and don't forget this consequence has been dealt to you by a mother who loves you with all her heart but who is, first and foremost, your MOTHER. This is my job. If I fail at this I have failed at life and I will not raise ugly children.


Vivian M said...

Wow, I cannot imagine what they did that could have been so awful. Some day they will grow up and know that this was harder for you than for them. Being a mom is hard.

val said...

You are one tough Mama but sometimes you have to be! Hang in there....they will love you for it!

val said...

YES .....I got the word verification right the first time.....do I win a prize?

Polar Bear said...

I want to be a mom just like you when I grow up! I think you are just great!


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