2 Nov 2012

Can I have a do over?

Normally do overs are requested when things haven't gone quite right but I would like a do over of today so that I can repeat it again and again because it was just quite lovely.

After I dropped the girls at school my sister, Andy and I headed off to the beach. We stopped on the way for breakfast and then headed straight for Bill Baggs State Park. You really won't believe me I'm sure but there was no one there. It was perfect. It was still quite early and there was a nip in the air and the water positively frigid but we didn't go to swim we went to walk and meander.

Sadly, very sadly, I forgot to take my camera and my daft sister didn't bring her camera wires so we are stuck with phone pictures.

Andy trying to prove to me that the water wasn't cold. 
Sally agreeing with me and staying far far away from it
Somebodies art work. It scared my sister half to death which made Andy and I giiggle....alot.
Yes, the sky really was that colour and cloudless. When it gets cool down here we have the most incredible blue skies.
THe entrance to the lighthouse
View from halfway up the lighthouse steps 
The light at the top.
We climbed the 109 steps to the top and it was gorgeous. I took a fabulous photo of the stairs and managed to delete instead of sending it to myself! I have seen the lighthouse countless times but this isi the first time I have ever gone into it and it was stunning. We left the beach walked through South Miami and then picked the kiddos up from school. Rosie had part deux of her swim meet this evening but more on that tomorrow. I need to get to bed I have to be up at 5.30 tomorrow as Lily has a swim meet in another county and has to be in the water at 7.30. Oh and guess what? Sally and Andy opted out of the fun?? How rude!


val said...

Looks like so much fun!persoe 21

Vivian M said...

Oh wow that sand croc would scare me too! Awesome pictures. So glad you had a beautiful day with your family.


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