27 Oct 2012

Say no to Spam

I can honestly say that I cannot think of a meat product that is more disgusting than Spam. Is it actually made of meat, I am not even sure? Anyway this isn't the kind of spam that I am referring to in my, Say no to Spam, campaign. Lately my little blog has been besieged by spammers and every single day I get about 10 spam comments left on it and it's driving me insane. It appears that the world wants to use me to hock their wares. Be off with you, I say. Sod off and leave me alone.

Sadly I have no choice but to instate the really annoying and horrid word verification device in the comment section. This means that the computers that generate the spam won't be able to leave any comments since they aren't smart enough to read the word verification.

I am hoping that in a couple of weeks I can take it off and they will stay gone. Banished to someone else's blogs, hopefully not yours of course. So, for the few of you that comment, please don't feel any pressure to do so whilst that annoying little thing is in place.

I don't comment on a lot of blogs that have it as it drives me up a wall. It usually takes me 3 attempts to get it right.

I really hate to use this thing but I detest the spammers even more. Some of the comments aren't even in English. Me so sorry.


Johnny said...

I hate to say it, but it's more insidious than that lately. I used to get comments, obviously typed in by a human who had to get past the additional pattern you have to type in, advertising something.

Lately, I've gotten what look like emails as a result of a comment. But when I jump to the posting link to zap the comment, it's not there.

So what they are doing is either:
a) posting the comment and then immediately deleting their own comment, thus generating the email to me.
b) send me an email that LOOKS LIKE the automatic email that would come from blogger from a comment left.

I can always tell it's spam when they leave a link for me to visit. I don't even click on the link. I put my mouse over the link and if I see that it goes to a non-blog, I delete the email.

It's like those cards or fliers someone leaves on your car in the parking lot. Do they seriously think we'll take them seriously!?

val said...

Three tries! For me it's usually 4.....does that mean I'm a robot?

Here goes nothing!

Briana's Mom said...

I have mine turned on too. I hate it but I rather not have that dreaded spam!!!


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