20 Sep 2012

Involuntarily winking at people

At 8.20 this morning I decided that my day was not going very well and that it could only get better from this point out.

After I drop  the girlies off at school on Thursdays I head straight for the grocery store but as were were snaking our way through the drop off line I realised I had forgotten the shopping list and would have to go home. It's really not a big deal as we live super close to their school but the traffic at that time of day is ghastly.

Once home I ran into the house and as I was running I noticed that my feet or rather my shoes were making 2 different sounds. Bummer, I must have worn through the heel on my favourite black sandals. First the shopping list and now my favourite shoes.

Thankfully I looked down.

This is for you Val.
Close, but as they say, no cigar.
The shopping list was a blessing in disguise because as much as nobody would have noticed the shoes they would have noticed that one shoe made a clop-clop noise and one was silent. I would have sounded like a mono-pod.

So off I drove in matching shoes right into the thick of traffic and then it started, the involuntary twitching in my right eye. This happens to me when I am uber stressed. It either starts in my lip making me look a little like Elvis with that freakish lip thingy that he did or it happens on my eye lid making me wink at people. Today was my lucky day and it hit my eye. So I walk into the supermarket with my head held low and someone immediately says hi. I look up and wink at them. Egads.

I have a feeling that today is going to be stellar day. The kids are going to be walking 3 feet behind me pretending that they don't actually know me and this evening when we have a PTSA event well I can just imagine how much fun it is going to be with the oddball parent that winked at everyone.

It's a damned good job I have the personality that can pull this kind of crap off. Sheesh if this level of stress keeps up until December I'll look like I have Tourettes.


Luciana said...

LOL! You are too much. xo

val said...

Nice shoes! At least they are both black!


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