19 Sep 2012

Sinking feeling

When you are a kid you just can't wait to grow up. Now I want to be a kid again.

I want to run and hide and pretend that yesterday afternoon American Airlines didn't release it's huge furlough and termination numbers. I want to pretend that on December 16th, just 9 lousy days before Christmas 1440 people from Miami aren't going to be unemployed. Anyone hired after 1997 is either terminated  due to the company subcontracting their jobs or being furloughed. Ugh.

Someone wake me up on December 17 please. Until then I am going into denial. If you were hired prior to those dates you have to worry about being bumped by someone who has more seniority than you. That means just because you have your job, by the grace of your hire date, someone with higher seniority might want it so, SEE YA.

 Until then we know nothing. The company isn't talking to it's employees. It's all a big hurry up and wait game. It's not looking good. 2 days ago it was an entirely different story.

I better stop writing now as I am about to drop the F bomb.


Briana's Mom said...

I am so sorry. That is just horrible! I will pray that it will good news for you all!

val said...

Keeping my fingers crossed it goes well for you guys!

Andie said...

Oh no, it seems to have taken so long and still things aren't certain. Sorry you have to wait even longer.

Tammie said...

Praying that things go the way you guys need/want them to.


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