21 Sep 2012

A cold front...yippee

Last night it was so cold that the kids and I had to wear thick socks, gloves and jackets and even with all of that we were still feeling the nip in the air. it was fabulous. Yes, you read that correctly. Here in Miami, in the middle of September we were bundled up as if we were in the middle of winter.

Did I mention that we were at the local Ice Arena? Oh, well we were.  The girls school had a fundraiser for the PTSA there and when I signed us up it didn't even enter my head that it would be freezing cold, that was just an added bonus. We had so much fun.

Within moments of arriving Lily took off on the ice with some of her classmates and would only stop to say hello every now and again as she and her friends flew by. They would all say hello as they shot by at the speed of light. Rosie kept us moving at a much slower pace, think snail, for most of the evening. She finally gained some confidence and asked me how to go a little faster. I am no ice skater and only know how to go forwards, I can go fast and can't go backwards and sadly have no idea how to stop. I just hit the rail. As a kid that didn't bother me at all. Now it seems a little more intimidating as I fly into the wall.

I showed her what she needed to do to pick up speed and off she went. She loved it. Thankfully she didn't ask me how to stop, she would just slow down or sometimes she fell before that happened.

I kept my phone in my pocket but still only managed 2 pictures. Moving targets with flashing disco lighting does not easy picture taking make. I have lots of black ones and tonnes of blurry, "I think that's Lily" types ones.
Happy girl has finally mastered skating
a very blurry Rosie. I would like to blame it on the speed she was going but not so much.
The girls school has a new Principal this year (again) and she is really adding a positive energy back into the establishment, one that hasn't been seen there for nearly 4 years. Fingers crossed things are going to stay this way. Many of my friends have taught with this lady in the past and the reviews are very, very mixed but as a parent I can only find great things to say about her.

What a great night we had. Now both the girls want to go back again. I do too I just wish those disgusting grody skates that you rent were not so painful on the tootsies.


Alyson and Ford said...

Love ice skating! I saw your title and thought What??? We will finally dip into the 60's here at night. Still plenty of swimming time! Hope you go ice skating again (I may need to find a place up here and convince the family to try it!).

Did you contact Catherine?

Alyzabeth's Mommy (for FOUR years!)

Julie said...

Looks like fun! With one kid in hockey and the other in figure skating, I spend a lot of time in cold arenas! We are just starting to get sweater / glove weather now but we are in Canada. ;o)

Tammie said...

I love to watch ice skating but am definitely not talented enough to do more than put them on my feet. Sounds like a great way to raise funds for the girls' school though!

One Happy Mama said...

I haven't been ice skating in about, oh say, 30 years! The girls on the other hand go frequently and love it! Nancy


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