22 Sep 2012

Strong like.....

The saying goes, strong like ox but in Rosies case I think it is more, strong like lamb. Today at swimming they were doing strength building exercises for their arms. They were not to use their legs at all and in order to do that they had to hold this funky looking float that was shaped like a dumbell between their legs, rendering them pretty useless.

I was laughing quite a lot as Rosie was powering her way through the pool with her arms so they must be a whole stronger than they look but her legs must be as puny as all get out cos the float kept flying out of them. She is doing quite well and I can see a big difference in her strokes now. She is starting with butterfly which is the hardest for them to master and is getting really quite good at breast stroke  but her legs are still pretty funky. ( and before anyone in my family makes the comment I will......but they aren't as bad as mine when I do it, apparently)

Chicken Legs. Barely able to hold the float
oops, lost it
Doing better and pulling herself up really well.
The photos are all taken through glass and they come out horribly.

She tries so hard and gives it her all.

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val said...

Rosie you go girl!


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