23 Sep 2012

Not my forte!

I have no idea why I/we try and bake. None!

Today it rained, then it rained and just to be sure we were all good and soaked it rained some more. It rained yesterday. A lot. This whole neighbourhood is flooded. Yesterday my driveway was shin deep so the rain today was just not needed and made going anywhere really difficult.

Jacob decided to bake a huge and somewhat decadent chocolate cake with the girls. Of course I ended up being the one doing most of it which is hilarious because I don't bake. I didn't know he did either.

After lots of measuring, mixing, stirring, pouring and bowl licking  it was finally time to put the cake in the oven. Once it was baking Jacob and the girls took off to the store and left me to clean up. I sent him a text at one point to tell him that the smoke alarm had gone off but all was well. He didn't respond, so I didn't think he believed me. Hah the second they came back in the house they did.

The girls were complaining and coughing and spluttering and kept coming into the kitchen to look in the oven. At one point Lily said, "Oh,that can't be good" and I noticed flames but for some reason they didn't register. yes I know that sounds strange but for a split second they didn't.  Then they registered. I opened the oven door and there was an inferno. Lily leapt back I threw the door shut and get this, the man of the house screamed. Screamed like a girl. I just looked at him in disbelief. I have never known anyone so useless under pressure.

I quickly turned to Lily and said, " What do we do when there is a fire?" She also failed miserably this time. I had no more time to waste so I had to deal with it.

Lets just say that for as antsy and nervous and hyper as I am on a daily basis I am the one that you want on your team when the chips are down. Within seconds everything was under control. The fire wasn't out but it wasn't winning. Within a couple of minutes, job done!

Most importantly I saved the cake. It got a little charred but nothing that wasn't salvageable.
My camera was right there and for a split second I thought about a photo but didn't quite have the nerve to stop, turn around, pick it up and take one.

As for the stove, I am not sure if it is OK. I won't know until tomorrow when I attempt to cook dinner. I think that the heating element probably got fried, well charred! I cleaned it and it all looks OK. Nothing actually melted. If there is a loud bang tomorrow when it heats up then I know it is time for a new one, if not, then all is well.

My house reeks and we opened it up and ran all the fans on high but with the rain storm outside there was just no air moving.

Oh and if you don't own a fire extinguisher I suggest you buy one.

Just another day in Dawnland.


val said...

You are too funny......maybe you need to be cleaning that oven lady!!

BTW been there, done that!

One Happy Mama said...

Good grief! Lucky you didn't burn the house down!! We buy our cakes!! LOL

Vivian M said...

Wow, you take the cake. *snort* ;o)


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