23 Jul 2012

Gotcha day

The other night the girls were reading books, well Lily was reading, Rosie was making it up so I decided to put the DVD of Lily's Gotcha Day in the player. Within seconds of hearing screaming babies both girls appeared and snuggled nice and close on the couch.

 I love watching their Gotcha Day movies and love seeing their reactions to them even more. Rosie is still quite naive to the whole dealio. We have told her everything but unlike Lily she just isn't so inquisitive. Lily, on the other hand, is starting to see different aspects of her adoption story and it opens up lots of avenues for conversations. I actually encourage Lily to watch it without her realising, just to see if it spurs any great questions, usually it does. This particular evening all they could see was the adorable little baby on the screen. Lily just couldn't tear her eyes off of herself for a second and decided that she was possibly the cutest kid ever. We followed the China DVD with the DVD of the first few days we were home. Lily has no image problems, ego problems or self esteem problems, that is for sure. She is madly in love with herself as a baby. 

Both the girls laughed so hard at some of the antics that Lily got up to. They laughed uncontrollably at the language that she spoke and how she would wait for a response to her scribble. The orphanage had given her a haircut shortly before we bought her home and her hair stood straight up on the top of her head, even that was hilarious. Nothing about the DVD stirred any questions at all this time from either one of them. It's Rosie's turn next, I wonder if she will be besotted by herself too. I am besotted by them both!

Day 3 in China. On the bus going somewhere. Her face was still looking pretty bashed from the fall that she tool just before we got her. She got stitches in the bridge of her nose.They were taken out right before we got her.   :(
Hong Kong airport preparing for the BIG flight home. She already looks 5 lbs heavier
This was taken on our second night home. It didn't take many hours for the big contagious, "Lily Smile" to emerge .

It seems like only yesterday but when I look at all the photos and DVD's I realise just how many details I had forgotten, like the fact that she had scabies and shared them with me!


val said...

She's right...she was a cute baby!

Anonymous said...

love to you all.xxbb

Tammie said...

Adorable baby!! :-)


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