24 Jul 2012

Back in the pool

Kelly sent me a text this afternoon, just one word: Pool? I sent just one back: Yes. We had a feels like temp today of 105 degrees. The pool felt really good. It took a few minutes to convince Rosie that the pool would be a lot more fun that a bike ride but she finally agreed once we stepped outside. Luckily she is a fast learner when it comes to some things.

Someone takes her water guns very seriously
Jacob, he is such a great little chap
triple chicken fight
CANNONBALL.......sadly the splash is pathetic.
I wonder sometimes what exactly goes on inside Rosies head. 
Rosie's been practising her Royal wave 
noodle fun
I am really going to miss these laid back days once you know what starts. We got a message from there today saying that the kids have a meet and greet with their new principal on Friday morning which must mean that it is looming just around the corner. ARGHHHHHH.


Vivian M said...

Love these pictures!!!!! :-)

Tammie said...

Great pics! I see that Rosie is coming out of her shell & is ready to shoot anyone who tries to stop her.

The beginning of what? No! Say it ain't so! I want more summer!


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