25 Jul 2012

Everyone stops for tea

Neither of my girls has ever been into playing with dolls. Neither of them has liked Barbies and neither of them has been a big tea party girl. Lily did have a few tea parties when she was little but not many.

When I came home from work today threw out some suggestions of things that we could do but they seemed quite happy just playing at home which was more than fine with me as I had lots to occupy myself. Later I mentioned that we needed to finish up the back to school shopping, Rosie still needed one particular type of journal that is only available at the teacher supply store, and they both took off in different directions looking for hiding places.

I left them to their own devices and was quite surprised when I discovered this:

tea for two
Lily is quite the hostess. Who knew?
Tea....quite possibly the nastiest drink on the planet. Yes I know that is just so terribly un-British of me. Just don't tell Queen that I find it foul.


Vivian M said...

I love tea! Maybe I was British in another life. I love how Lily plays with Rosie. They are adorable.

val said...

OM I thought I was the only Brit that can't stomach tea!!!!

Johnny said...

Wait, you weren't asked to leave the UK were you?

Tammie said...

I think black tea is quite good. Made the right way that is. My grandfather was from Russia so I learned to drink tea the Russian way with a sugar lump in my mouth. Of course now I drink it the American way.


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