26 Jul 2012

Roller skating

Lily asked this morning if we could go rolling skating today. I was blindsided by her question and didn't have a reason why we couldn't on the tip of my tongue so we went.

Lily can't stand not being good at something and for years she couldn't roller skate or ice skate but with her typical perseverance she has conquered both can now now at least stand up on both.

We took Maria with us. Maria just arrived from Weinan, China last Thursday morning and is here to study and will be here for the next 4 years. Too much studying isn't good for anyone so my job is to corrupt her. I think I will excel in that department.

Much to my disgust when we got to the roller rink they had a BIG sign that said, NO PHOTOGRAPHS on the rink. I thought that was really unkind as Lily and Rosie should be photographed while attempting to skate because they are just that funny. But I am not one to break the rules (often) so I left my camera in the locker, except for when I put it in my pocket to take photos of them standing away from the rink.

all 3 girls looking very happy about the idea of roller skating
hot sweaty girls still smiling. Maria has a big bump on her knee here.
Rosie spilt her water....can you tell?
Ahh, this might well fall under the heading, "don't break the rules often" I took this on the rink when Rosie fell for the kazillionth time.
I have no idea what was so funny but it cracked these 2 up. 
Yes, I skated too. I love it but more so when a certain little person isn't using me to balance and I can actually skate. We all had a really great time. Some of them acquired some rather spiffy bruises.


val said...

There are certain rules that just beg to be broken!!!

Anonymous said...

ice skating..hope you get back in time to watch the opening of the olympics.lolxxbb

Mother of 2 Angels said...

HA HA I would have done the same thing being an unruly Limey too! One MUST take pics at all times so one can share with us on lookers from afar! Anyhoo I must say your blog is looking mighty spiffing - you have vamped it up and it is LOVELY xxxxx

Tammie said...

Maria? Are you having an exchange student in your home?

Rosie is looking so grown up in these pics!


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