27 Jul 2012

Let the games begin

The girls have been counting down the days to the start of this years Olympic games. To say they were excited is an under statement. I really don't know why Rosie is excited because I am not sure that she really understands the concept but then she is Rosie and any excuse for a party is a good excuse to get giddy. They have been busy making banners, flags and Olympic torches, we baked an Olympic cake, invited friends over to watch the opening ceremony with us and generally went overboard (and thoroughly disgusted my loving brother and many of his friends LOL)

 They hung their banner with the US, British, Chinese and Brazilian flags on it and marched with their torch for the opening ceremony. We were so very excited but then, but then, but then, the opening ceremony actually started and what in Gods name was it all about? I was totally lost. It started off OK but by the time they got to the music bit I was flummoxed. I loved the part with the Queen and Rowen Atkinson always makes Lily and I laugh but for the most part ? ? ? 

The good news is the parade of nations started and we were all able to get excited again. The girls frantically waved their flags for China and now they are waiting for the United Kingdom and the U.S.A. but I don't think their eyes will stay open that long.

Betsy Ross the flag maker
Our Olympic cake ( oh how I love Pinterest)
The flags representing the people in our house tonight.
The girls with their Olympic torch
watching the ceremony
I thought this part was great 
someone forgot to smile. (but she looked lovely)
Olympic fever.
Now all that is left is for the best athletes to win. We are going to be watching the swimming very closely.


Sherri said...

Never have I sat down to watch the Olympics. I may try this year, but that could be wishful thinking on my part. Love the cake you make, very cute.

val said...

Very creative girls....love the flag banner. Don't know if I'll st down & watch ....maybe a little here & there!

Tammie said...

Wow! You guys really know how to party for the Olympics! LOVE your Pinterest cake!

As for the Queen, I thought she was perfect. Just perfect. It must be hard to always be on display & need to act a certain way. I saw such pride in her eyes for what her country did. Always the elegant lady your Queen.


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