22 Jul 2012

A quick car trip

It's raining it's pouring..........this is getting boring. I know that due to the drought like conditions in so many parts of this country that I really shouldn't complain about the rain but we are getting webbed feet down here.

We were supposed to head over to Marco Island yesterday but due to the girls going to bed really really late on Friday I postponed it for a day. Little did I know that a tropical something or other was due to make it's way across the southern tip of Fl starting last night and not leaving for a few days. Sheesh.

We had been on the road for about 45 minutes when I pointed out that everywhere was grey and it didn't look as if the weather was going to change anytime soon. We could hear the roar of the thunder over the sound of the car and the 2 little ones inside of it. The lightening was illuminating the daytime sky, it was that bad but we continued on with our plan. Once we arrived in Marco Island it was still dreadful so we found something to do for a while and once the rain let up we headed to the beach.

We weren't alone, apparently many people had been waiting for the rain to stop and we joined the pilgrimage on to the sand. Once over the boardwalk we stopped dead in our tracks. what sort of beach was this? A slimy little inlet with barely enough of a tidal change to stir up the slimy water, ewwwww.

We stood there mortified but Lily noticed that the people were walking away so we followed. She ran off and came back yelling, "there's the beach, hurry, it's over here and it's a real one". Well thank heavens for that. We trekked forever and came upon a beach but by then it was pouring again. Yes, really.

The kids didn't mind, we were in bathing cossies so we just got in the water. The beaches on the West Coast have the best shells and it wasn't long before the buckets came out and the girls went shell gathering. WE stayed in the water for quite some time. Each time we tried to get out it was so cold we had to get back in up to our necks. Finally even the water was cold so we had to brave the frigid rain and wind and 70+ degree temps and head back to the car.

We've never been to Marco before, we always head straight over to Naples and I'm not sure if we will go back again. Maybe it was the rain that made it so blah, I am not sure but it just didn't have anything special. (if you live there, I'm sure it's a gorgeous place on a dry day) We ended up driving over to Naples for dinner and then just as we were ready to leave and head the 90 minutes home the sun was shining beautifully. Nice!

We drove and hour and a half for this? Yuck
This is NOT a beach
Behind us where all the condos are, is the beach. (it's private access)
this is a beach
trying to stay warm and wet in the rain.
shell gatherer
silly people
hurry up and take the photo we are freezing!
seesters at dinner. Happy to be in Naples.
I think I should head out to all the States in need of rain. (Pam P if you read this, I agree with you about the beaches over there. Head straight to Naples, they are gorgeous there).


Pam said...

Hate to be the party pooper but -Told you so!
Glad you guys still had a good time! Hope to see you soon!

val said...

Hate to be the one to break to you but maybe all this rain is your own fault! What did you change the name of your blog to?

Just saying!

Sherri said...

What beach in Naples did you go too? I lived in Naples for 18 years before moving to Punta Gorda. I lived off of Wiiggins Pass Rd.

Sherri said...


Vivian M said...

Head on over....we are in a drought!

dawn said...

Oh Val......i did, didn't I!

Tammie said...

Believe it or not, I have never been to Naples or Marco Island or any of those places. I'm not a beach person but love the idea of just taking off for a day. The girls look like they enjoyed themselves which is all that really matters.


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