15 Jun 2012

Seeing clearly

About a month ago Lily told me her glasses weren't strong enough AGAIN so I rang the doctor and made her an appointment. Since Rosie is 5 she is also old enough for a comprehensive eye exam so I booked her in for one also. Might as well kill 2 birds with one stone.

If you remember this post here I took Lily to a Dr. who specialises in Ortho K about 6 months ago but I really didn't care for him that much. He did a great exam but his only focus was pushing those lenses on us and that is not somewhere where we want go go right now. I have researched it alot and it appears she is just to young for them. Today we went back to the pediatric specialist that we have always used. The girls love him and that always makes things better. Also in this practice there are many doc's so it's not unusual for them to bring in another specialist for a second opinions right there and then.

Lily went first. Yes, her eyes have deteriorated but not to the point where he is even concerned. She still has mild myopia and so no need for alarm. Phew. The other dude had me ordering a seeing eye dog already. He also doesn't understand why Lily has progressive lenses, he says it is unnecessary and I spent a whole lot of money on something that she doesn't need. (nice, the other Dr only concerned about his wallet. Arsehat). He believes after thorough testing that Lily's eyes are still changing so he wants to hold off on new lenses right now. He says I can buy them if I am THAT concerned but if I do in 6 months I will be buying more. If she really notices a difference then I should take her back.

I feel so much better knowing that Lily doesn't have an aggressive form of Myopia and all of this is normal for her age. She had every test done known to man and her eyes are healthy.

Fancy Nancy all ready to go/
Giggling as always.

Next it was Rosie's turn. I have noticed that when Rosies has to go down steps she really falters before she puts her feet down. If she is playing on the playground and the terrain changes she hesitates and I have always wondered if it is her vision. With that being said she doesn't strain to read books or stick her nose on the T.V. screen so I just wasn't sure. Today I found out that it isn't her vision. She has perfect vision but being Rosie she has some congenital malformation with her eye. Go freaking figure. LOL. Lily said something similar to the Dr. when he told me and he looked quizzically at us. I cracked up and Lily started spouting off all of Rosies, malformations, deformities, defects, whatever you want to call them. He wrote the laundry list down and then said that it has also affected her eye. She has a hazy film inside her eye that could start to change and affect her vision but that it might not. She has to be checked every 12 months from this day forth. My sweet little Ro Ro your grandfather once called you his little reject, I think he might have been on to something. I seriously wonder what the heck you did before you were born that has left you so perfectly "Rosie".

 wow, we could have checked her teeth at the same time she was smiling so big.

 Serious business this eye testing stuff.

yeah, I'm cute.

I didn't like to use the flash in the office. The room was as black as night but I didn't think they would appreciate me blinding my kids momentarily with the flash while they were trying to test their sight. Kinda counterproductive.


Tammie said...

I am so relieved to find out that "the other" dr was so wrong. I hope his wallet starts being a little less full when people realize what an arsehat he is. Lily is perfect just the way she is - even with eyes that are a bit wonky. As for Rosie, well, she is also perfect just as she is.

Vivian M said...

Glad to hear the other doctor was wrong!


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