7 Feb 2012

Not what I wanted to hear

Sometime during Christmas break Lily made a comment that she couldn't read the clock on the stove from the kitchen table when she WAS wearing her glasses. I'm sure I said something stupid like, are you sure, because I was so shocked. She had only had her glasses for 8 months. I immediately made an appointment for the beginning of the year with a new Doctor who came highly recommended.

Her appointment went well. The Doctor had a great staff and was obviously very knowledgeable. His exam was the most thorough I have seen done on a child. The bottom line is this: Lily eyes have deteriorated although he wasn't concerned about how much in a short span of time. They will continue to deteriorate over the next few years as she has progressive myopia but then, thankfully, they will stabilise.

This Doc offers Ortho K which you can read about here and he highly recommends it for Lily. This method has been about for 20+ years. In basic laymen terms you wear special corneal moulding, hard contact lenses at night when you sleep and then in the morning you take them out. Due to the re-shaping that happened during your sleep you have no need for your corrective lenses during the day. It sounds great no? My big question is this: if it is so easy and painless and has been around for 20+ years and is approved by the FDA, why don't more doctors offer it and more people use it?

If you know anything about it please share it with me.

Today, my little girl, the light of my life picked up her new glasses. They are tri-focals. I know hard to believe that at age nine she is wearing tri-focals. Thankfully they are still very thin, as she is nine and vanity is at a premium and they are no-line. She is so happy to be able to see again. I hope these will last longer than 8 months.


val said...

Oh wow. Sorry I don't anything about it but if I find something I'll let you know. I do hope her glasses last longer this time.

Mireille said...

Never heard of it either. I hope she will be fine with the glasses for a while now.

Johnny said...


This is one of the rare moments where someone asks something that I'm actually qualified to answer.

I first was introduced to Ortho K in 1987 after I kept refusing to wear my newly prescribed glasses. I have very oily skin and glasses kept slipping from my nose.

Long story short, I wore them since 1987 until about 2 years ago when the latest lenses my doctor prescribed bugged the heck out of me and I was tired of fighting with lenses.

During the years from 1987 to 2010, when I went in for my yearly checkup, my eyes varied in range from 20-20 to 20-10. Yes, the lenses made me better than average.

Recently, due to old age, my eyes have been having problems but the eye doctor who took over for my retired doctor said that even without lenses.....I'm juuuusst a bit out of 20-20 and he couldn't really recommend going back to lenses.

But stubborn me, I dug out my old lenses and tried them out and I was half-blind with them and took them out 2 hours later.

After a year of Ortho K, my process was to wear lenses from 8:00 - 2:00 pm, Monday-through-Friday. then on the weekends, I went lensless.

It was bliss.

Polar Bear said...

I don't know anything about the procedure.
I do hope you find answers.

Vivian M said...

I never heard of them. But if you haven't already, check to see if they have prescription goggles for her swimming. They have them here, and we were thinking of getting them for Kerri so she could see when she took swimming lessons.

Tammie said...

I've actually heard of Ortho K. It was recommended for a friend's daughter. They just kept going with glasses until the daughter was ready to make her own decision about the process. C is still wearing contacts since glasses don't bother her.

I wish I had an option like Lily. I'd grab it in a second flat.


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