6 Feb 2012

What a girl wants

When we asked Rosie what she wanted for her birthday she said she wanted to go to that restaurant, the one where they cook the food at your table. We were actually asking her what she wanted for a gift but since she mentioned it we thought we would take her there. That restaurant of which she speaks, is a Japanese steakhouse. Jacob and I both detest the place but the girls love it for the entertainment.

So we headed to the Sam*urai for dinner and she loved it. Sadly we got a table with some really dull people but it didn't stop us from having fun we just toned it down a bit. The chef was quite happy to have some kids to entertain and spent the evening doing a show just for them. Rosie and Lily both asked him to do there favourite tricks and he obliged. I think the other people were quite fed up with having to wait so long for their dinner.

The birthday girlHer learning chopsticks ready to go.

I turned around and saw this: Rosies hat had slipped down completely covering her head and face. It was hilarious. A half hearted photo. Lily is watching the chef at the next table over.
The birthday girl, with her hat placed back on her head and tightly secured and Me
The onion volcano, once he added the vinegar I couldn't even see it to take a photo of it there was so much steam (smoke)

Our fun loving chef
mickey mouse...a huge source of entertainment for the girlies
Rosie's special dessert
a horrid photo of the my loves. (the lighting was really weird and I have yet to read my camera manual)

Rosie even wore a skirt for the occasion, I really should have taken a better photo of it. She is still in love with tutu's so I am not giving up hope.


Mireille said...

Congratulations with Rosie's Bday!!

How fun! My girls still love these tepanyaki places as well. We first got introduced to Benihana in Thailand, when the girls were only 4 years old.

val said...

So glad you had fun in spite of fuddie duddies! (I made up that spelling)

Vivian M said...

Love Rosie's skirt! Happy birthday Rosie! I like your choice in restaurants...anything with a Mickey Mouse head is pretty cool in my book, lol. :o)

Catherine said...

Happy Birthday Rosie! What a fun place you chose to celebrate your birthday!

Anonymous said...

This post is cracking me up because we live in that area of Miami and I LOVE the food at Samurai but hate going there because I hate sitting with other people, LOL!

Polar Bear said...

LOVE the red tutu! The look on Lily's face is too funny!


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