13 May 2012

A beautiful day indeed

The girls had mentioned yesterday that they wanted to make me breakfast in bed. I woke up at 6.30 and thankfully they were still sleeping. Since I didn't want to burst their bubble I stayed in bed playing dead. Finally at 7.20 Rosie came in and said, Happy Mother's Day. I bounded out of bed and we went downstairs together and waited for Lily and Jacob to wake up. I never ever eat breakfast so I was really glad for all this extra time. Jacob and Lily finally woke up at 8.30.

Lily and Rosie immediately set to making me breakfast. I said I would love some toast. It was so sweet, they were so busy in the kitchen and I was told to stay on the couch. I heard lots of clanging and banging and after an eternity Lily carried out a tray with 2 pieces of toast and some fresh sliced apples on it. I think it was the best toast I have ever had and they both hovered over my every mouthful. After I cleaned everything up we got ready for swimming. Yes, men run this swim school so there is no such thing as a day off on Mothers Day!

Once that mission was accomplished we drove to the beach and spent a really lovely afternoon. I decided not to take a camera with me as cameras and beaches just don't mix, well not with me. The waves were huge which was a surprise. i hadn't planned on going all the way in as were were going to go out to eat later and I didn't want the drowned rat look. HAH! An almighty wave took Lily's feet out from under her so I instinctively bent down to help her up and was whacked my the rogue waves brother who swept in right behind it! Once I was soaked all bets were off so Jacob carried Rosie and I took Lily and we went out, way out and had so much fun. Frolicking and being daft, jumping and being knocked down, just great fun. The girls were laughing so hard.

We learnt something today and it is one of those good news bad news things. The good news is, that Lily is NOT allergic to Man O War (with her venom allergies it was a high possibility) the bad news is, she was stung. The good news is she was sprayed with vinegar and is absolutely right as rain already, well almost just a few tell tale red welts but nothing compared to the reaction she had initially. So yay, strike that off of the list. I did title this post, a beautiful day indeed!

We showered off the sand, as best we could, got dressed, combed our salty hair and pretended were were tourists and headed off to Lincoln Rd for a walkabout before heading back to South Beach for dinner. Lily has been asking for ages to eat dinner at a swanky little SoBe restaurant and today was a perfect day. We dined Al Fresco with all the sights and sounds of South Beach to entertain us, and did they ever. Quite a few times Jacob and I thought Lily's eyes were going to pop right out of her head. It truly is the best place in the world to people watch.

Dinner was fabulous and we all had a great afternoon and evening. The girls and Jacob gave me so many surprises that the day really couldn't have been any better.

Here are a couple of shots I took with my phone.

2 little girls eager to get to the beach
Rosie, testing the waters
Chicken Little deciding it was to rough and running away.
The view across Ocean Drive from our table.
As we were walking back to the car after dinner I commented on how lovely the food was, I had a Greek Salad, and I asked what the name of the restaurant was. Not one of us knows where we ate! Talk about a lame bunch of people. I could walk into it again, I know exactly which one it was but if my life depended on it I couldn't tell you what it was called. To my little girls, Thank you so much for allowing me to to live my dream. I always hope you know how happy you have made my heart, each and everyday. I love you both all the way to the sky.


One Happy Mama said...

Happy Mother's Day ... sounds perfect, minus the man-o-war sting. We live really close to the Gulf of Mexico, I'm always leary about the creatures lurking in the waters! ~Nancy

val said...

It sounds like a very beautiful day! Never mind the name of the restaurant...as long as you can find it again!

Anonymous said...

love bb.xx

Vivian M said...

Happy belated Mother's Day!


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