14 May 2012

swimming photos

Here are some photos from Rosies swim class yesterday that make me smile.

I love the attention that Kristina and Rosie are giving to each other. You would think they were alone
So much effort is being given in bring that arm ALL the way up
Goofy girl, look at her ear!
Swimming free style.
She has fun and she is learning the strokes. Next step swim team.......I just don't see it but that's the plan.


val said...

That swim cap cracks me up! Watch out....I see her being more serious about this than Lily! You are doomed to a life of "go fish"!
Get it????

val said...

or One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish!!

Vivian M said...

Love the swim cap! Looks like you might have two future Olympians there....

Polar Bear said...

Rosie is one ADORABLE little fish!!


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