11 May 2012

All I want for Christmas is my 2 front teeth

Don't clench and or grind your teeth when you sleep, it is bad. Very, very BAD. I do and I know. I also wear a night guard, religiously but my clenching and grinding is so intense that it barely helps at all. In fact I have bitten clean through 2 of them.

Recently when I visited my new and fabulous dentist he said it was time to address the damage done to my teeth by the clenching and grinding. He wanted to bond them. I was actually happy to hear this, well other than the expense of it, because my front teeth were starting to look really horrid and I was getting very self conscious of them. I have a huge smile and I was starting to not smile as much.

I made the appointment but didn't quite make it until that day. yesterday I was doing something when I became very aware of something in my mouth. It was tooth enamel. EGADS. I was clenching in the middle of the day and had snapped my front tooth. I was mortified. Absolutely mortified. It was a clean break I had just weakened the tooth so much that a huge shard of enamel came off and it so obvious. I rang the dentist immediately, spent the rest of the day talking with my lip clamped between my tooth and counted down the hours until 9am today.

Woo Hoo, I have new teeth. Pretty new teeth that aren't all filled with grooves and cracks (god I made them sound ugly) and I can smile, big again. It's such a relief not to feel as if the world is staring a your wonky gnarly teeth. They are still my teeth it's just that now they are improved.

Vain, why yes I think I am. My brother has always said I am and I do believe he might be right!

Sorry, No I didn't take a photo of them but I am quite sure they will be making an appearance soon.

Oh and I have a new night guard being made...supposedly this one is new and improved......yeah right. Surely something must help this ridiculous habit.

It's really no fun constantly ruining teeth. Todays procedure was not without pain and no dental work over here is cheap, that's for sure.

Let me smile one more time

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val said...

We need a picture of those expensive pearly whites!


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