10 May 2012

Who would have thunk

The newest members of the family, Fred and Nemo are still alive and well. It surprised me every morning for the first week when I came downstairs each day and found 2 fish still swimming around in their respective bowls. Little petshop fish aren't known to thrive especially ones that were fed saltine crackers the night before they were given to you.

Each time they did something different or looked a little off I would frantically google their behaviour or symptoms.We learnt so much in the first week. I had no idea there was such a big difference between a guppy and a Japanese Fighting Fish. Betta fish actually have personalities. The girls are having a great time with them and love it when it is time to feed them cos when they hold the food up to the outside the bowl Fred and Nemo go nuts. Nemo nearly jumped out of his bowl yesterday. Yes, really they actually no what's going on. I thought it was a fluke the first time. I thought she had scared him but he recognises his food and goes nutso.

The girls like to give them different things to look at. Yesterday Lily gave them a book to read and this is what I found.

Fred and Nemo reading.

Can you tell we might actually "need" a real pet?


val said...

Tell Lily next time they might prefer something with pictures!!

Anonymous said...

you...a real pet?...you clearing up do do's...I think not. lol. bb.xxx

Polar Bear said...

I hope it wasn't Moby Dick? That might give Nemo and Fred nightmares. Ha!

I've been thinking of getting Z a fish. I'll have to check into these little swimmers.


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