9 May 2012


Late this afternoon Lily announced, Wow, Mummy look at the size of this lizard. I think I responded by saying, its not in the house is it? and when she said, no, I moved towards where her voice was coming from.
She was standing by the glass doors and pointing outside. I looked down and saw this dinosaur.  All the lizards give me the creeps but this dude gave me the big time heeby jeeby's. I have no idea what he is but he is massive.

Not the best photos as they were taken through a window and a screen. There was no way I was going out there with that man eating beast on the loose.

 The usual lizards that we have down here are only this size. (also taken through the window)

I may never go outside again. Blech, he is revolting.


val said...

You are lucky....when my kids were that age they would have had that "creature" in the house & baptized before you could blink!!!

One Happy Mama said...

Yeah, I'm not too much into lizardy thingys either. Jade's science teacher has a bearded dragon in her class. She lets the kids feed it worms - nasty! Nancy


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