8 May 2012

A sleeping hat

Do you have bad dreams or sometimes have ghastly scary thoughts invade your head as you are trying to fall asleep? Well I just might have the solution?

Last night I put Rosie to bed, read her three Llama Llama books and then kissed her good night and came back down stairs. About 10 minutes later this little tiny voice called me from the stairs and told me that she couldn't fall asleep because she was having scary thoughts. I scooped her up, took her back to her room and asked her what they were about. She told me.  After thinking for a nano-second I came up with the solution.

"What you need little pickle is a sleeping hat". I said, all cheerfully.
She looked at me like a had sprouted another eye. Which really didn't shock me as even I am amazed by the junk that flies out out my mouth.
"A sleeping hat, really Mummy, what is a sleeping hat?
"This is a Sleeping Hat Rosie", I said as I whipped an old sun hat out of her drawer not even knowing if it fit on her head any more. You wear it when you go to sleep and it stops bad thoughts from being able to get into your head. See it gives your head protection from bad and icky thoughts".
"oh" she said with a big grin on her face.
And with that she snuggled down and went back to sleep.

It must have worked because a few minutes later I went to check on her again and this is what I found:
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I tell my kidlets so many lies that I'm sure I'm going to go straight to hell. But then again if I hadn't told her this little white lie she would have laid in her bed scared all night fretting with these horrid thoughts so instead maybe I will write a book about when and where it is OK to lie to your kids without the fear of going straight to Hell.


Johnny said...


Now, if I could find a "thinking" hat for work.....

Debra said...

Excellent! I find myself doing these things too. It's great to be a parent. :)

val said...

I'm with Rosie on that & I'm getting me a "sleeping hat"!

FYI Start writing the book.....I'll buy the first copy!

Briana's Mom said...

You're a genius. :) It got her to sleep and that is what counts.

BTW, can you get me one of those hats. I think waaaay too much when I go to bed!

One Happy Mama said...

I'll see ya there! I think we all tell those little white lies!! Excellent idea though, I love it!

Catherine said...

Wonderful! Hope it helped. I just sent a like to this post to a friend who is dealing with similar challenges with her son.


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