12 May 2012

Webbed feet

Someone in this family is bound to develop webbed feet soon from all the time spent at the pool. It will probably be me since we all know that kids are resilient. If we aren't at the pool for team or for Rosie's swimming lessons we are now in the pool for fun since the temps here have reached summer highs and it is sweltering.

Rosie went today and she loved it. She had another of Lily's old coaches and couldn't have been happier. Coach Kristina was one of Lily's favourites and apparently one of Rosies too. I have to say that there isn't a bad coach on this team, they are all equally amazing. Each and everyone one of them wins me over every time they coach. Someone was feeling quite goofy today
Making sure her hands were in the correct position
Using only legs to propel through the water. Straight legs at that no spaghetti legs allowed in this pool
Just keep swimming
Her face said it all today. She smiled all the time cos they swam most of the lesson, none of that can you blow bubbles junk.

1 comment:

val said...

Do you think Rosie could have found her "niche"? She looks so at home!


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