20 Apr 2012

It's not about getting it done

I'm always about getting it done. Like most of us I always have a laundry list of things to do and never seem to get to the end of it because I always tack things on the bottom. Because I am Type A my list is nearly always self imposed. I have learnt to say no quite often to things I really don't want to do and to people that I really don't want to do them for. When I say I have a list I really do have a list. I write myself lists for everything.

Friday is pretty much my gettingeverysinglething done day. I usually don't work on Friday mornings so if I need to make an appointment today is the day. If I need to do those extra jobs, today is the day. My car has been looking like it went on a 60,000 mile road trip and having all the kiddies in it last weekend at the swim meet certainly didn't help it look any cleaner. The girls love to wash our cars and I usually wait until the weekends so that they can help. That is all good and well but it takes ages.

In order to get everything on my list accomplished I went ahead and detailed my car myself after I dropped them off at school this morning. I think I just taught myself a lesson. It probably took me just as long to do it alone. It is much easier for them to wiggle about under the seats with the vacuum than it is for me. I definitely didn't have as much fun by myself. I somehow managed to get just as wet even though a hosepipe fight never broke out. I missed their little shrieks of giggles as they somehow, accidentally on purpose, soaked someone and the last thing I learnt was my wheels just don't sparkle quite as much when I wash the car as they do when they have been scrubbed relentlessly for 20 minutes by 2 kids.

Life isn't always about reaching the finish line, it's about the journey (Even if it is just a simple task.) I think I need these words tattooed on my forehead. Ooohh, a tattoo, that would please my Father.


val said...

Send them over ...my car is disgusting!

Vivian M said...

I would have come over and helped soak you if it would make you feel any better. ;o)

Alyson and Ford said...

I gave up cleaning my own car a few years ago so now it stays dirty or I splurge at the car wash!! Get it done one way or another!

Alyzabeth's Mommy


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