21 Apr 2012

A new trend

There appears to be a new trend in these parts: if it's Saturday, it rains. Someone mentioned last night that is was going to be a wet weekend but I sort of poo pooed the thought in my head. I grew up over there, in that country where the Americans think it rains very single day of the year. I LOVE rain. I love anything other than blazing hot sunshine. I was awoken in the middle of the night but a very loud clap of thunder. It must have been very loud to wake me as I have been known to sleep through the house alarm.

It was still raining at 7am when I got up, still raining at 8am when I left for work and still chucking it down when I left work at 10.30. I then remembered that today was Jacob's employee picnic. This is a really fun day for the kids and a day they look forward to. The show must go on. 

I got them dressed in suitable attire and we headed out in the rain. Jacob's company employs 1,000's of  people here, it is the 4th biggest employer in our county. You would not have known this had you seen the turn out at todays event. I thought it very sad. Unlike last Saturday it wasn't cold, it wasn't hot either but it certainly wasn't cold and as it had been raining all day at least we were prepared.

The kidlets had a great time and rode all the rides. There were no lines at all. Usually the lines for the rides are quite long and the ones for the cotton candy and sno-cones are horrendous but not today. Nope, we just walked up and they got right on. I might have faired a little better with an umbrella but I find them to be annoying and difficult to handle in anything more than a slight breeze.

The only downer of the day, I couldn't take any photos. It was raining way to hard to take my camera out of my bag and I failed to take the waterproof one with me. I made one quick exception when Lily rode the mechanical bull as it was partially under the tree but even then my camera still got soaked and the photos all have rain drops on them from the lens getting wet.

The weather made it more fun today in some ways. The rain makes the girls even more goofy than normal. Sliding down the huge astro slides and whooshing through the puddles at the end made them laugh so hard. Once we got into the car I gave them a towel each and they dried off a bit and we blasted the heat for a couple of minutes. They are now planning outdoor rain activities for tomorrow too....umm really lets not girlies cos I've done enough wet laundry in the last 2 weekends to last me a while

I was starting to think she would never fall off. Finally the guy cranked it up a notch and that did her in!


val said...
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val said...

Way to go Lily....that looks like soooo much fun!!!

Vivian M said...

Oh what fun! I am sure if the weather had been nicer there would have been a greater turn out.


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