22 Apr 2012

A little cosmetic procedure

Today was surgery day for "the Bun". For quite a long time Lily has been saying that Bunny needs a little more stuffing. She has been asking me where we can buy stuffing for him and I have told her all the places I can think of. Each store I have mentioned has been met with an eye roll. None of these places sells "fluff" soft enough for bunny.

Today we had to run to the Apple store to pick up a new mouse and as were leaving we walked past Build a bear. Lily stopped me and asked if I thought they sold fluff. I told her to go in and ask them. She said she would look silly and didn't want to. Knowing how much she loves her Bun I decided to do it for her. Normally I would suggest if she wanted to know then she would need to ask herself. I know she was embarrassed because it is for Bunny and Bunny is her world and she thinks that everyone will laugh at her even though they have no idea what she wants it for (whoops, they do now)

So in we went and I asked the first person I saw who seemed to find it a rather odd and humorous question. Lily squirmed a bit. She went of to ask someone else and came back with an answer. It's available in two sized bags for $3 or $5. We opted for the smaller bag. She left the shop so happy and could barely wait to get home.

Lily didn't want any help at all with the surgery. No sooner had we walked in the door and everything was set up. My sewing box was out, Bunny was prepped and everything was balanced somewhat precariously on the edge of the kitchen table. She set to immediately. Bunny had a little hole in his shoulder, it pales in comparison to the gaping ones in his ears and the cavernous one in his head but it was a perfect place to add his new fluff too. I swear the child added the equivalent of 3 teaspoons and announced him, chubby once again. I suggested she fluff him up a bit also known as shake him. She did so very gently and then added another teaspoonful. Sigh.

She then, closed him up.

Medical supplies
Surgical instruments
getting started
adding more
perhaps a surgical procedure here would have been a plan
closing up
finishing the job
uh oh extra thread
looking good Bunny
ha ha he has a paunchy tum tum
a snuggle to make everything better
Lily and her Bunny, it's a beautiful thing. They sleep together every single night. Go everywhere together and share in her life together.


Vivian M said...

Aw. Kerri has a teddy that needed surgery too. Except I am not as good as you and Lily, and now teddy has one arm shorter than another. Oops.

Tammie said...

Erin & her "Elephant" thank you for giving me the idea to do the same thing. This past summer we took Elephant away & "food savered" her so Erin could have her as a remembrance. Last night, Erin was vocal & told us she wanted Elephant no matter what.


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