19 Apr 2012

The No Phone Zone Pledge

I am not a big moblie phone user by todays standards. I turn mine off every night and often forget to turn it on in the morning. When I am in the car alone I do use it and I use it quite alot. How's that for a contradiction. I like to be able to talk to friends without the distractions of, dare I say it, the kiddies.

I never text whilst driving, heck I barely text at all. I find it impersonal. No tone, no inflection and the fact that I can barely see the keys has a lot to do with it. I am to dang lazy to put my glasses on every 2 seconds.

I decided a couple of days ago that my car is gong to be phone free and then I heard about the phone free zone. This morning it took me 1 minutes to go 10 blocks. I was tempted to use my phone but I didn't. I listened to music like in the olden days and I survived.

When I got home I took the pledge and I urge you to take it also.

The No Phone Zone Pledge


Vivian M said...

It is illegal here to use your cell at all when driving(unless you are hands free). The same should apply for walking!

val said...

I have phone free zone a lot as I never can remember where mine is!


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