23 Mar 2012

It's all my brothers doing

My brother is not at all materialistic and is also one of the greenist people I know and was long before any of us realised the importance of being good to our earth. He is constantly concerned about his carbon footprint.

Earlier this week he threw away a sweater, not just any sweater but one that our Mum had knitted for him some 25 years ago. He posted about it on Facebook and the comments he received ranged from hilarious to downright sad to one that even suggested he unravel it and re-knit another one. One friend said she wouldn't know him without that jumper and I have to admit that I am so used to seeing him in it that it will be odd to know it is gone. Parting with it was not an easy decision for him I am sure because he parts with NOTHING but more importantly our Mummy isn't with us anymore.

The parting of this sweater inspired me to go through my own closet. something that for me was long overdue. I haven't changed size in years. I have lost weight during stressful times and regained the same weight but never changed size so I have had the same clothes for years and years. Some clothes in my closet have been given to me and still have the tags on and will always have the tags on as long as they hang there. Many of my favourite clothes have past their expiry date but I can't part with them. Some of them should possibly never have been made. Most of my tops are white, in fact 90% of the tops on my closet are white and they won't change any time soon. Only 2 of the ones that went bye bye today were white but they were replaced with 2 white ones prior to the old ones leaving.

I have so many pairs of shoes that finding the matching ones each day causes so much frustration that family members have been known to run for cover. I got rid of some but also got some new ones first. I wasn't replacing item for item but I was replenishing my wardrobe. I got rid of tonnes of stuff and only got a couple of new bits.

I suddenly have loads of room in the closet and it feels fabulous. I can find things and that feels great. I know longer have to squeeze things in. I know longer have to look at things I don't really like, or cringe at things that people gave me and feel guilty for not wearing them. Oh and all the extra hangers, well that's just an added bonus. I hope all those black bags full of clothes make the people at G00dwill good and happy.

What will that green jumper inspire you to do?


val said...

Oh please I need someone to help me do that! BTW I have been known to wear two different shoes...snort...more than once snort, snort!

Catherine said...

I've been in the midst of a HUGE house reorganization over the past 2 weeks and it feels FABULOUS!! Much is being sent to a local thrift store, some to the dump and other items sold or given away. It feels great!

I haven't started on closets yet (starting with rooms first) but when I do...wheee!!!

LOL...I think I have 5 different sizes in my closets and wear 20% of my clothes. Oye! That must change!

Anonymous said...


Tammie said...

Can I tell you that I have clothing in my closet from before David & I got married!? I don't think I'll fit in them in this century but have problems letting go of things. Interestingly enough, this past week I decided that I will need to get rid of some things. There is a shelter here for the homeless where my teacher brings things. Perhaps it's time for that size 8 business suit (which has never been worn because it was just too pretty) to find a home in someone's closet who could really use it.


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