24 Mar 2012

Did that really just happen

I grew up surrounded by my Fathers family and saw them all everyday. My mothers family lived a few hundred miles away, in York so we only saw them a couple of times a year and it was always cause for a big celebration and a lot of excitement. Louise and I are the same age, and Joanna is closer to my sisters age but in fact the same age as my brother.

Something happened one day as things often do in families and I believe my mother and her brother had a tiff. The two of them made amends many years ago but I never saw them again. Ever. I saw my Auntie and Uncle at my Mothers funeral but haven't ever seen my cousins for nearly 40 years. Gulp I can't believe I can write that. I'm old.

We became FB friends about a year ago and caught each other up with our lives "Cliff Notes" style and shared photos etc. It was great to be back in touch. A couple of months ago Joanna sent me a PM saying that she would be in Miami overnight and would we like to have dinner.

We had dinner tonight. The kind of dinner that you really don't want to end because you still have so much to talk about but you know you have to end it as the kiddies are tired, very very tired and it just isn't fair to them. So now I am back at home and I keep saying to myself, I had dinner with Joanna and Keith and then I shake my head in disbelief.

Lily keeps saying to me, "Mummy, Joanna is so pretty". That is what I remember from being a little girl, just how pretty Joanna was. That hasn't changed at all.


val said...

How cool is that! So happy you were able to find each other. Being able to meet & have dinner...the icing on the cake!
That is one of the great things about FB....finding friends & family.

PS Greats pics

Anonymous said...

...bet my ears were burning.....lol.bbxx

Anonymous said...

..not sure about a tiff...all my awareness of there being was a love for each other.....unless that is just my interpretation....never saw quite enough of Eric and Mary and Jo..but i reckon it was a distance thing....Sorry Loise but you and dawn came later in lifes tapestry...about 7 years later.xx..but hay what do i know?
xxbb..not sure this should be here thought...but love to Jo and her new partner.xxand eric and mary and louise.x

dawn said...

yours ears should have been burning and Jons but only in a good way. You were the shining example...imagine that!

Catherine said...

What a wonderful blessing to reconnect!! Here's to beginning to make up for lost time.


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