13 Feb 2012

I adore this time of year. You see I absolutely love hearts. I know it's a peculiar thing to love but I do. Even the diamond in my engagement ring is a heart.

I also love to see the world adorned in red and pink. That is also peculiar as they are not my favourite colours.

The girls asked yesterday if they could do a love day project. I thought it was a lovely idea. Once we got to the craft store it was void of all things love related. Apparently if you craft you must be 3 months ahead of the calendar, I had to come up with a project and fast. This idea has been floating around in my head and I had planned on doing it for Easter but 2 little girls wanted a Valentines day project and I was not about to disappoint. And I didn't even get this off of Pinterest, it's from my head.

Here are our supplies
Skinny sticks ~ we stopped at the park on the way home and picked these up.
Floral foam
wooden hearts
spray paint
Coloured foil covered wire
Spanish Moss
foil cupids.

Lily was in heaven when I told her she could do the spray painting
groovy love stickers
Rosie decorating a heart
more spray paint.
the finished container
Daddy helping out
All the little hearts we could find at the store. Each one painted and decorated by the girlies
Daddy helping out again
Ta-Da. A love tree.
They did such a good job and are so very proud of their project. Me too, I think it is gorgeous and it makes me smile each time I walk past it.

Disclaimer: We had to go outside to spray the sticks (especially since Lily was doing that job) so I took a really nasty looking old sheet that I always use when I do projects involving spray paint. I then thought they would want to come back inside but they didn't. It was cold yesterday and that is a rarity here so the girlies wanted to freeze their bums off outside. So in most of these photos is the nastiest looking sheet you have ever seen. I actually don't know where it came ftom. It looks like something from the seventies. Maybe it was my MIL's. Now I suppose it looks a lot better at least it is ballet slipper pink.


val said...

Cool idea....it does make a cool easter tree too. You better start looking now for the mini ornaments. I bought little straw bonnets & put flowers & ribbon on them for mine!

Mireille said...

Impressive project and it turned out so great!! Very creative!! Happy Valentine's day!!

Vivian M said...

Love the love tree! The girls did an awesome job. Happy Valentine's Day!

Tammie said...

Great project!! I love how you turned it into a family project.

Candy said...

I love your project. Very Beautiful. Looks like it was lots of fun to make.


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