14 Feb 2012

Love day

Valentines Day isn't just about lovers young and old it is a day to love, be loved and cherish your love, not just for your spouse, partner or significant other but for all the people in your heart.

There is no love in the world as powerful as the love of a Mother for her children. I am privileged to know this love.

The love I share with my husband is a different love and it fits like a favourite sweater, even on my bad hair days and fat days, my cranky days and OCD days. He is there, always even after 27 years.

My Brother and Sister stole my heart the day I was born. Always there and knowing me inside and out. I thank my lucky stars for them. I also have cousins that mean the world to me. When it comes to family, I hit the jackpot.

My Father is a man that I use to measure other men by. Many will come close but few will ever succeed in being the man and Father that he is. I love him dearly.

My girlfriends, oh come on, we all need them, I love them dearly. But I keep my true friends close to my heart. I have many acquaintances but only a handful of true friends.

My heart, that I always wear on my sleeve, is so very full with love.


val said...

Love this post.....lots of truth!

Tammie said...

Well said.

Vivian M said...

I am so very privileged to have met you in person, and thank you for sharing that huge heart with us all.


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