15 Feb 2012

This is why we love Half The Sky

Please take a moment to watch and listen to this video. Rosie is one of the very lucky ones that was helped by Jenny Bowen and Half the Sky.
I've been to China, I've seen the sadness on the faces of the babies, especially those left behind. Look at the babies in the Half the Sky facility, they are smiling. Children in SWI's rarely smile but these precious babies know they are loved. I would like to think that they will all find their forever families and learn the love of a family but I know that is just a dream
This lady has changed the life of 1000's of children. My daughters life was changed forever because of her. My life was changed forever because of her.

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Every single time I see a baby without a mummy, I cry.


Catherine said...

Beautiful!! What an amazing woman she is and such a life changing organization she has created for so many!

val said...

You need to warn us when tissues are needed......just beautiful. What a lady! She is incredible!

Vivian M said...

You made me cry. I am grateful that Rosie had a loving environment before her adoption. If only all the children could have that...I know it would have made a huge difference in Kerri's life and maybe she would not have had such a difficult attachment process. The power of love is amazing.

Polar Bear said...

Z was in a Half the Sky facility. I will be forever thankful for all they did for him before he came home, forever.

Thank you for sharing this video. My mother-in-law told me about it, and am so glad to I got to see it.


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