16 Feb 2012

Air-robics before breakfast.

This morning the girls woke up earlier than usual, for a school day and accompanined me to the bathroom whilst I showered. After a couple of minutes Rosie let out this very excited sounding, " yes, lets go" and they were gone. I was just happy to have 20 minutes alone and was quite sure they wouldn't get into much trouble as it was only 6.30am.

When I came down the stairs about half an hour later I was very surprised to see the elaborate set up that they had put together for themselves. Every single pillow off of the beds and a couple from the couch plus all the fluffy throws they could find. My first thought was, sheesh, thankfully they don't know where the spare pillows are kept. I walked past them and mumbled be careful. This was way to much activity for so early in the day.

As I started to make breakfast the shrieks and laughter exploded from the other room so I picked up my camera and lurked from the kitchen, straining to not get caught.

If you click on the photo to enlarge it you will see a slide show of smaller ones underneath it. It's like watching the whole thing in slow motion.

I love how Rosie tries to do it too but sort of just throws herself into the mass of softness.

I have no idea what caused them to be so batty before they had had even a morsel of food but whatever it is, I want some.


val said...

You are right....way too much activity for that hour! But lots of fun!

Maci Miller said...

too funny. And really cute!

Vivian M said...

FUN!!! I miss the pillow fights and jumping on the bed....Kerri has "grown out" of that phase. :o(
Maybe next time you should join them Mom. :o)

Tammie said...

Sometimes a gal just has to have a batty kind of a morning!


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