12 Feb 2012

HTS walkathon.

Today was the day of the Half the Sky walkathon.

Yesterday it was pretty chilly around these parts but this morning it was downright freezing. We woke up to a frigid 48 degrees. I bundled everyone up really, really well and off we went. Due to the cold we decided to let the kidlets take their bikes or scooters with them. A quick whip around on them and it was back to walking. It helped to warm them up.

I was still so cold when we got there that I decided the only thing way of warming me up was to throw myself in a fire, I didn't do that but I did drink up cup of coffee. It took all of 0 seconds to hit my bloodstream and there was no stopping me. As the kids rode their bikes I ran with them for 2 miles and then walked a mile and then took off running for 2 more. (that dear readers is the reason why I stay away from ALL caffeine). Coffee even makes me talk fast. It was a good thing though as it gave the kids a great boost and they just kept on going. They walked and rode their little feet off and I am very proud of their efforts. Rosie went for 5 miles and I actually lost count of Lily's laps.

The group of kids walking for the children left behind in China was truly inspirational. Every single one of them was full of enthusiasm.

The 3 photos on the left of this sign are of Rosie and her Nanny whilst in her orphanage
On your marks, get set, GO GO GO
Hubby and our friend Linda. Hubby was cold
1st lap
My jacket is missing here so it must have been after my run
Friends. This is what our get togethers for China are all about. Lily and Sofia.
Fashion is always a priority!
I just happened to look down and spot Mae with her orange
All the fabulous kids that participated. Every single one is a star
woohoo, no, she didn't have coffee
I think they are trying to hide behind the origami tree
Here she comes again
Someone needed a pickmeup

I can do this Rip-Stick, watch me
Hmmm, maybe not!
Miriam, our ringleader for the walk, getting ready to call the first raffle ticket. It was a lucky one!
The 4 of us after the walkathon.

The final tally for the day isn't in yet. We are hoping that the company that one of the Dad's works for will match our donation.
What I do know however is this:
Thanks to all of you and your generous hearts my 2 little ones raised $276 for Half the Sky.

Thank you all so very much for showing your support to what we believe to be a worthy cause.


Mireille said...

Wow, that is a huge amount your daughters raised!! My hat off for them!! You can be a proud momma!

val said...

Wow ....way to go Lily & Rosie! I take back what I said before....it looks very cold there!

Tammie said...

Awesome job Lily & Rosie!!! You 2 girls rock this world right along with your mum & dad!!

Where is the walk-a-thon? I've heard of it over the years. It may be something Erin would like to do next year.

Vivian M said...

You all did an amazing job: raising money, raising awareness, and most of all making it through the chilly weather to complete the walk-a-thon for a very worthy cause. We are all so very proud of you!

Andie said...

Well done on raising all that money. It seems so strange to see all those people in Florida in winter clothes. Maybe Jacob should have walked faster, he would have got warmer!


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