11 Feb 2012

Dancing dragons and kids, oh my

For as long as we have been members of our local FCC group we have also always attended functions given by the other FCC group down here even though they are much further away. I love all the families in that group and many of them have been friends for years.

We were invited to their Chinese New Year picnic and signed up to attend. We signed up as guests as we are not members. In fact Jacob and I are known as the gatecrashers. We crash every Halloween party that they have and at least one other party every single year. When I handed over my money to Lori for the picnic she just looked at me and said, just give me your ^*% membership dues instead! So I did. We are now card carrying members of the group. It's a bit sad really cos now we can't be the crashers. Viv said I am only sad cos I had to pay dues for the first time. LOL That comment absolutely cracked up the hubs and I.

It was really super to see so many old friends again. Our children are all getting so big. I swear it was five minutes ago that Lily was one of the youngest.

We had such a wonderful time with just one little issue, it was freezing! Thankfully my friend Grace lent me a jacket. I already had a cardy on.

The entertainment was first rate

I think this guy is really creepy.
There was a balloon man there. He made balloons that made your eyes pop out. Never have I seen such a talent with balloons.
This is Erin with her balloon
and Rosie with hers
She's a butterfly if you can't tell.
Lily got Daisy Duck. The chap didn't ask you what you wanted he just created something and handed it to you.
This is his apron and those are his balloons.
Ro Ro hanging in the playground
Lily playing chase with Erin and waiting to get caught/seen

In her own little world on a scooter
Jumping bean
I took this from miles away. Lily and Erin burning rubber
ooops she lot someone
It was fun, so much fun.


Vivian M said...

Oh what fun! I can't get over how tall Lily, Rosie and Erin look. Sigh...miss you all.

Guess I will have to be the party crasher now that you are a card carrying member, lol!

Mireille said...

Love events like these, looks like a lot of fun!!

val said...

That dragon is really cool! Sorry you had to wear a coat....doesn't look that cold!

dawn said...

Dear Lady from New York,
Looks can be deceiving, LOL

Tammie said...

We are so glad you are now "official" card carrying members of the group!! BTW, Lori & I plotted. We figured that if she couldn't convince you then it would be my turn. After that I figured I'd set Erin upon you. And she's good!

Love the pics! I can't believe that I didn't get any pics of Erin & her crazy balloon.

Anonymous said...



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