10 Feb 2012

Home, forever.

This morning, at a very early hour, the girls and I headed out of the house and off to the airport to greet the newest American Citizen arriving from China.

Baby Emma and her family arrived home this morning from China and we wanted to be there to welcome them.

She is gorgeous and tiny, and sweet. Her big brown eyes were full of wonder as she looked around at all of her admirers and she was very happy to stay close to Mama.

When taking photos of such an auspicious occasion, don' t use your phone.

The welcoming committee
Here she comes
Yay, a family of 5

We only stayed for a few minutes as the girls had to go to school.

Welcome home.

this made me giggle. Amidst all the hubbub and hullabaloo Lily and Adam found a few seconds to catch up on life. It was so cute to see them in their own little world oblivious to everything.


Vivian M said...

Welcome home Emma!

val said...

Oh what a sweet little peanut!

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is so awesome...

Polar Bear said...

Welcome Home Baby Emma!!


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