9 Feb 2012

Favourite things

Lily has a favourite pair of pajamas. They are like an old friend to her and she won't give them up

I think they are a bit to small.
This is what they look like on her 5 year old sister. A tad tiny.

This is why! My Mum bought them for her on one of the very few shopping trips we had with her. Lily is very sentimental.

She just told me she is going to wear them until she pops the buttons right off the front.


val said...

How cute......I love that she feels that way...so sweet!

Mireille said...

My girls do the same, never thought of posting a blog about it, but you inspired me!

Anonymous said...

saw the family yesterday, this side of the pond...all seem well.bb.xx

Vivian M said...

That is awesome! Kerri could not fit into them if she tried. But she holds onto some of her favorite pieces of clothing and will not let me give them away. I hope to live long enough to see the day her own child gets to wear them. :o)

Catherine said...

Lily, Those look like such soft and cozzy pj's! Hope you're able to wear them for a long, long time. They're kinda like a favourite blanket. Enjoy!!

Polar Bear said...

How Sweet!! It's quite obvious those pajamas are priceless. Lily still looks cute in them, too! ;o)

Tammie said...

How sweet that Lily wants to keep them forever. Erin would fit into them somewhere between Lily & Rosie.

In my family we have a pair of Osh Kosh red & white striped overalls that my mom purchased for her first great-niece. Our tradition is to have each child in that generation wear them. When my nephew was born, I handed them down to him. I'm pretty sure my snobby SIL didn't keep them.

Perhaps you can convince Lily to allow you to preserve them for her daughter. I actually food-savered a few of Erin's outfits for the future.


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