5 Jan 2012

Little chilly willies

My little girls are a couple of chilly willies at the minute. (For my English readers, not those sort of willies, you silly people!) As much as Lily loves the cold temperatures last night after her swimming practice she was frozen stiff. The pool is outdoors and the temps were in the 50's however the water is heated to a toasty 81 degrees. Being in the pool was great but the second she got out she was COLD.

She got dressed quickly and we raced home. She immediately headed for a hot and I mean, HOT, shower. She found some snuggly jammies and warmed herself up. We followed that with a hearty dinner and she was loving life again. It is rare that Lily ever says she is cold.

Rosie can't tolerate any temperatures below 75 and is commonly found under a fluffy blanket. I bought her some fleece footy P.J's yesterday and they seem to help. I also bought her some woolly tights and this morning I put them on her and she got so upset. I told her to stop being so silly and in the end got impatient with her. I dressed her in her uniform and thought we were done with the nonsense. A few minutes later I thought I could hear her crying so I went and investigated. She was in her Daddy's arms sobbing. She was saying she didn't like "these things". Bottom line: they were ugly ( i bought black to match her uniform ). I went to her drawer and pulled at some Hanna Anderssons that so don't match her uniform with their giraffe print at the bottom and pink stripes at the top and she loved them. hallelujah! She looked like she stepped off of the Oxfam truck but at least she was warm. Little Miss Picky Knickers went to school wearing red and pink....together in one outfit. Oh my OCD brain cannot handle this!

When I walked them into school I found myself explaining to the teacher that even though her lips were blue she is in fact 100% healthy and well and that the blueness should start to disappear in a few minutes. Luckily the teachers aid also gets blue when she is cold and was able to back up my story. Phew, I had visions of the paramedics being called. Even though she is warm to the touch, her lips are staying a funky colour for most of the day at the moment. Sometimes even I question whether her little heart is working properly or not but then I banish these thoughts from my head as fast as they crop up cos I have seen her heart working on the EKG's and ultrasounds. But sometimes......no, no, no.

We are starting a warming trend as of today. It's sad as I have loved freezing my bum off.

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val said...

I'm with Rosie in both matters....my whole body turns blue & I much prefer "funky" colors!!


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