6 Jan 2012

Fresh start

Oh goody, it's the New Year. A start of a fresh new slate. For me that means time to clean and purge. I headed first to Rosie's closet and then to mine. Does anyone else have a hard time keeping their shoes organised?
Mine are a disaster. I started with them first and the only thing that happened was I came to the realisation that I need some new ones.
Off to the shoe shop, see you later.


val said...

What size do you take...maybe we can swap!

The only time my shoes are organized is when I'm not working....I usually have to spend an hour every Sat putting away shoes & clothes!

Anonymous said...

clearing out like that....what an amazing feat....ba,bum.xxxxxbb

Tammie said...

My shoes are organized. For about a month every year. BTW, you have a ton of shoes!


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