7 Jan 2012

Poke me with a fork

I'm done!

We have been looking to move for ages now. We found a house we loved 5 hours from here. We all LOVED it but the realisation of relocating, when I own my own business and Jacob would be commuting or coming home on weekends only really made us think twice. Add to that the whole American Airlines "thing" that is happening, well we decided to stay closer to home.

We vowed at the beginning of this year to step it up and get the job done. Each day my realtor sends us a list of homes that are in our target market. Yesterday I sat down and really went through them. I found quite a few that I liked and one that I loved.

This is the front of the one I loved.

And this was the back garden.

The house on the inside was OK but needed some work. It needed a facelift. Neither Jacob nor I are afraid of reno work and if you want a house to be yours then you are going to have to do some. We totally demolished everything in the one we are in now.

Well lets just say that looks can be deceiving. Once inside the place went to hell in a handbasket. If the smell didn't put you off the filth and crap everywhere would have done. Now lets start with the structural stuff shall we, or maybe the person living in the garage? Yes, I did say that! Our realtor decided we must have had the wrong house and went out to check the numbers on the mailbox! I threatened both girls with broken fingers if they as much as pointed, let alone, touched anything.

We made a fast exit but not before I stopped, just for a nano second, and took in the water view. Then I hightailed it back to the car as fast as I could and drove back home and had a scalding hot shower.

Suddenly I don't want to move. I am done with looking at other peoples dirty houses and even their clean ones for that matter. This place was stripped and I know everything is clean and new. Even my roof is new.

It would take a full reno job, inside, outside and on the roof to get that place fit for human habitation. Only the pool area appeared to be spared from the uck.

Eww, I still feel dirty and Jacob is threatening to shoot me if I shudder and utter the words, eww, that was so disgusting, one more time.


val said...

OMG what is wrong with people!!! Especially if they are trying to sell!!!

That view tho is to die for!!!(Excuse the pun)

Pam said...

The house did look like a beauty on the outside! Happy that you will be near by for at least a little longer! :)

Pam said...

The house did look like a beauty on the outside! Happy that you will be near by for at least a little longer! :)

Tammie said...

The house looked fab on the outside. Too bad the house had that "EEWW Factor."

Vivian M said...

Tell your realtor to only take you to houses that are in move-in or turn key condition.


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