6 Jun 2007

Birthdays, Ducks and Birthmother Conversations.

How did this happen? Our little girl turned 5 today. I have no clue where the time has gone and frankly with us as her parents I am amazed that she has made it this far! But she has and she is now 5. Five seems so grown up, she has moved into a whole other realm and it is amazing to see.
She had yet another day of celebrating, pressies, fun times and cake.

This is going to seem like an odd question to most of you but to one person in particular it is going to make sense. Which one of you faithful followers sent the rubber duckies? Lily received a gift of 4 rubber ducks and they are anonymous. I even received an email from
Nikki at Life With Lily Lin, to see if she had received them. She claims to be the go between person and not the sender. Well, whoever you are, thank you very much the ducks are very appreciated but I fear one is inebriated as he swims belly side up!

My final conversation with Lily tonight as I was putting her to bed went like this:
Me: 5 yrs ago today in China your birth mother gave you to Daddy and I for ever and ever and for this we are eternally grateful.
Lily: Mommy where is your heart?
Me: Right here (pointing)
Lily: (lent forward and kissed my heart and said), my birth mother lives in your heart right?
Me: Yes
Lily: That kiss is for my birth mother for giving me to you guys. I loved you guys when I was in China and you didn't even know me and I loved you when I was in my birth mothers tummy and I will still love you guys when I am dead!

End of conversation and start of tears. Lily is so sweet and I love her to bits. Happy Birthday you big, big girl! We love you and have loved you forever too and will love you until eternity. As we say to each other every night, I love you with all my heart and then some.

I will leave you with some photos of the day. I am off to try and tidy up the play room and find homes for all these new toys. I see a trip to the charity shop in Lilys future as she has a lot of baby toys that she needs to say Adios, to. If I am not back in a week send a search party and tell them to start in the toy room.

The Mystery Duckys

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A Really Fabulous Pop Up Book

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Sporting Her New Nightie From Aunties, Fran and Shell. (do you really think this will stop the nudey butt scene?)Going on a search for her pressies from us.

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Her New Bike. We have to take off the training wheels cos it came with them on.

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Is it just me or does this Barbie Doll look more like one of the "Girls Next Door". Hey, Heff, I think I have your girlfriend over here!

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The worst singing you have ever heard!

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Getting Serious With Her Cake.

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Out For A Birthday Stroll

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Dinner Out with Mummy

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The Drunken Duckling!

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Dannye said...

I am soooo happy that Lil had a great day!!! But I do have a question....did she save me a piece????

that birth mother conversation almost made me cry like a baby too,,,,man, is that what my future beholds too????? guess I better start buying stocks in Kleenex now huh??? hehe

what cool ducks, love the drunk one, hehe, ducks are showing up all over!!!

E said...

Your daughter may be five but she has wisdom of an old soul. Wow. I am speachless. And ok, alittle teary now.

Rhonda said...

Even though Lily is only five (happy birthday, by the way), she has a lot of wisdom. I have to admit that got me a bit choked up...

Holly said...

It looks like she had a fantastic day. Her little comment about her birth mother was so sweet.

Special K said...

Happy Birthday Lily!

That conversation made me weepy too. What a kind-hearted loving little lady you have.

M and M said...

I need a tissue!! You have one AMAZING girl there!

3D said...

Happy Birhtday!

What a sweetie pie! Teary eyed here.

Keep smilin!

Kris said...

The tears started falling with her first question. My God what a gift she is... and what wise words for one so small. Happy Birthday to one very special girl.

Kris said...

PS. First guess on the ducks? Connie. I'm pretty sure she has this thing about ducks, but I could be completely off base.

Kathy and Joel said...

Totally tearing up here. What a sweetie pie! Glad that she had such a great day. Happy birthday, sweet Lily!!!

Sophie's Mom said...

Happy birthday!! How sweet she is, to kiss you like that. Makes my heart melt!

Nikki said...

I just love how deeply you all love one another over there, Dawn. Lily expresses herself in a way that must take you by surprise sometimes...I am crying here too. Glad you all had another really special day. Great ducks, but I am NOT spillin' the beans!
Love you!

Pug Mama said...

OMG, what a wondeful conversation, you have one special little girl!!

Buckeyes & Eggrolls said...

Happy Belated Birthday Lily. what a sweet, sweet girl you are.

Love the duckies! I have an incling who they might have been from but I'm keeping it to myself until that person ousts themselves. :-)

Polar Bear said...

What a beautiful, loving little girl your Lily is. Her comments are one of the sweetest things I've heard in a long, long time. It made me cry.

I used to have one of those Barbie heads! Mine didn't have the hands though. Between you and me that looks kind of creepy. :)

I love the hot and cold game. I will have to remember that. We used to play it when I was little.

What a great birthday!!!

Janet said...

That poor drunken duckie! Someone should put him in rehab.

Lily's comment made ME cry too! How beautiful!!!!!!!!!

aimeeg said...

What a sweetheart! She is a wise one.

Steffie B. said...

I'm a bit teary over here in Tribe land....what a sweet and wise little one you have. Loved all the pictures and of coarse I always love watching Lily's video's. ;)

PIPO said...

Lovin' the duckos but, yikes, that Barbie head is scaring me. Looks like a Stepford Wife on crack.

Ann said...

That birthmother talk was precious. She's a very insightful little thing isn't she. And about that Barbie thing..I agree with you.


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