21 Jul 2013

Washed away

Day 2 of our cruise found us in Key West, just a hop skip and a jump from our home. Since we are quite familiar with the town I didn't book any shore excursions as I knew all the things we could do. Our time there was limited and I was surprised to find out we were not going to be there for the Sunset which is truly a beautiful sight to behold from Mallory Square.

The girls and I made our way just a few feet through the streets when the rain started and I don't mean just a little sprinkley shower I mean a torrential downpour. Key West has lots to offer and much of it we have seen before but one place Lily always begs to go to whenever she sees one is Ripleys Believe It or Not, so that is where we dove for cover. Once we came it it was still hammering rain. We had to swim through the streets to get back to the trolley that took us back to our ship. The streets were so flooded the water came up to Rosies knees. It really was quite amazing to see that much water fall so fast and living here we see lots of torrential rain storms but that was messy.

We are just so thankful that we live close to KW and don't feel as if we lost out but for all the people that came from miles away and it was a one time deal it must have been so disappointing.

This fellow was marching around very proudly at Mallory Square.
Lily loves all these little shops

Outside the shipwreck museum
Lily found someone to look up to
Wouldn't you know it not 20 minutes after we were back on the ship the sun came out but we had to set sail to grander places anyway. After lunch Lily participated in a Mini golf tournament and Rosie and I ran the track....Rosie ran I wasn't about to participate in such nonsense.
Fun? she said it was.
Odd locale for a mimi golf course
Now she is having fun
Crazy runner kept going round and round
Key West lighthouse
KW has a huge Naval base and coast guard station. The navy Seals are currently being trained there.
The girls spent the rest of the afternoon in the water.

and whilst they played I admired the view.
Lily loved to sit and watch the kids playing (even with her eyes closed)
The crazy one never stayed still 
That night was the Captains dinner and since Lily loves, LOVES, to get dressed up she could hardly wait........


Briana's Mom said...

Sooooo fun! There were much cooler slides on your ship than ours back in April! We just had one long slide and Bri had to keep waiting to get on it!

I've heard really good things about the Key West/Mexico cruise. Might be one I need to check out!

Valerie Emerle said...

Can't wait to see Lily dressed for dinner

Vivian M said...

Is there ever a day your girls are not in water? ;)

Candy said...

Wow, Rosie's legs look so long in the picture of her near the boat railing. She's getting tall.


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