22 Jul 2013

Captains Dinner

As you know I have one daughter who adores being dressed up and another who would live the rest of her life in a pair of shorts and never put on a dress again. When I told the girls we could have dinner with the Captian if they wanted to, one wanted too and the other not so much.

 On the night of the dinner were slightly rushed as we had been to a show and ended up rushing to get ready on time. Lily mentioned having a headache whilst getting dressed but she only said it once and didn't mention it again. I decided if she said anything again I would give her something for it. I didn't take photos in the cabin either due to time constaints and better photo ops around the ship.

We zoomed up to the dining room in the lift and just as we arrived  Lily groaned, I took one look at her and her face was nowhere near as pretty as her dress. It was back to the cabin for us, no Captain, no dinner

The night of the captains dinner looked like this for us.

Fast asleep
Only photo of Rosie dressed up...sigh
Rosie and I ordered room service. She thought this was the best thing ever but didn't like the actual food just the concept and asked for it for every single meal thereafter. Thankfully Lily woke up about 2 hours later feeling fine and we ventured out to feed her. So that was our fancy evening. Lily was more than a little crushed that her night to shine was dimmed.


Anonymous said...

sorry that i have not commented much...but I am keeping up with all your exploits.bb.xxxx

Valerie Emerle said...

Poor Lily......I know how much she must have looked forward to that!

Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

Poor thing! She probably had a little too much sun!

Vivian M said...

Aw sorry they missed dinner with the captain. Loved Rosie's dress!


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