23 Jul 2013


Wednesday morning we docked in Cozumel. I had been asked by a friend to take a laptop to to her friend who lives there so once we got off the ship we were searching the crowds for Suzanna. We found her and her hubby Alan immediately and they were rather disappointed that we didn't want to spend our time there touring with them. I felt a little guilty but this was our one day in Mexico and we wanted to do OUR thing. I politely declined their offer and we made a beeline for the taxi's. I was already to use my best Spanish and get us to a nice beach but that was a complete waste of time as every single person that we met spoke perfect English.

After looking at a map we decided the closest beach looked a little too touristy for us so we asked to leave Cozumel and head to Paradise Beach. Sometimes you just get really lucky. I had no idea where we were or where we were going but it ended up being a perfect location for the 3 of us. The girls were able to snorkel in crystal clear water amongst some fabulous fish. I joined them for a while or sat in the shade watching them. The resort offered a fabulous pool that the girls also enjoyed. The whole day was spectacular and couldn't have been any better if we had planned every detail. A storm blew in and hung out over the ocean but only offered cloud cover and cooler temps which was a blessing as that day the weather was meant to be 106 degrees and rainy. It ended up being in the 80's with cloud cover. We didn't see one drop of rain.

Once we were ready we headed back into the Puerta Maya and I told the girls I would let them spend their money. They thought this was a great idea until all the vendors pounced on them and wouldn't leave them alone. Lily bartered with the first guy and then got completely overwhelmed and a little scared so I just took over and firmly told them to all get lost, but much more politely than that and we left. I took them back to the port where they could shop safely without being hassled to much.

Once they had spent their $5 ( bargains abound in Cozumel) their tummies started to growl and we could see the ship so we headed back to the boat. Considering how little I wanted to visit Mexico I am so glad I did. It was without a shadow of a doubt my favourite day and is absolutely gorgeous. The people that we met were all so nice...with the exception of the street vendors. I highly recommend it and want to go back but for much longer.
2 steps off of the ship and Rosie spotted this fun little sign
Not as funny as he signs in China but good none the less
Paradise Beach
I loved that it wasn't crowded
Snorkelling fun....so glad we took them with us
Pool at the beach
view of the beach from the pool
it just isn't possible to get them both with their eyes open!!!!!
Back at the Port
Lily helping the Mexican economy (safely in the port)


Vivian M said...

What beautiful pictures!

Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

What a great beach! The one we went to in the Grand Cayman was so crowded.

Valerie Emerle said...

So beautiful.....I wanna go there!


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