20 Jul 2013

That was fun

The girlies and I have just got back from a cruise. It was something I had been thinking about for a while and after talking about it with a friend who cruises all the time I just went ahead and booked it. I put the needs of the girls first because I wanted them to have a blast. If I had been thinking about a cruise for me I would have chosen a different cruise line. We have only cruised once before and it was for 3 days so this time I wanted something a little longer and wanted to actually go somewhere. I had hoped to go to Cayman and Jamaica but the only one that went there was this week and I have seminars so instead we went to Key West and Mexico.

We only live a hop skip and a jump from Key West so that was a bit disappointing and Mexico?? I wasn't really sure how that would be. But we packed our bags and our usual amounts of enthusiasm and hopped on board on Monday morning for what would be a fantastic few days of FUN. The kids were grinning like Cheshire cats from the second they got on board until the second it docked back in port yesterday.

Carnival Imagination
This shot was actually taken in Cozumel

Waiting in Miami to depart
still waiting
Once we set sail it became very windy, very windy indeed
Holding on.
The kids then headed to the water park and I hit the deck chair...a win win situation.
On your marks....
Pure glee
How could they not have fun with this on board?
Table tennis...they stunk at this but we laughed so much!
A tradtion every night at dinner.
We said cheers to Nanny and Grandpa. (I have no idea why,  Rosie started it but I liked it)
The first night ended with the room steward somehow taking Rosies blanket??? When we finally got back to our stateroom Rosie asked if I had seen it. He had placed a towel animal the chocolates and all their lovies together on the beds but her blankie wasn't there. I looked but couldn't find it. We tore the place apart and in the end I phoned him and asked if he remembered seeing one in our cabin....long shot for sure, he replied, I am so glad you rang, somehow I picked it up, I have it here I will bring it right down!

 Oh thank goodness, crisis diverted!

We crawled into bed at some very late hour after staring out to sea and the girls couldn't fall asleep as they were so excited and couldn't imagine waking up in Key Weat the next day.

Coincidentally, although I didn't mention here that we were going I did mention to this blog friend that we were going as she had just returned from a cruise, the one that we had wanted to go on and she had lots of tips for us as they got redirected to our ports due to a tropical storm. Thank you so much Kelleyn

I'll write more tomorrow about our very rainy day in Key West....we swam in the streets.


Catherine said...

What fun!! Cannot wait to hear more about your trip!

Brandi said...

How exciting! Sounds like you guys had a ton of fun. Can't wait to read more about your cruise.

likeschocolate said...

So glad you had an awesome time! We are thinking of booking another one to Aruba? I am not sure if we can afford it though because we still have to save for China sometime next year! We are thinking of taking the kids along. Carnival is definitely cheap, but has lost some of its luxuriousness. Not sure if this is due to keeping it cheap or because of the disasters they have to pay for. I did enjoy Indian food everyday! Disappointed in the dining meal which could have been a lot better. We might try Royal Caribbean next time!

Valerie Emerle said...

Love the pic of "wind blown" Rosie....I'm surprised you managed to keep the "light weight" on her feet!

Vivian M said...

Love that you had a win win situation! What, no Titanic photo? ;)


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