14 Jul 2013

Ice cream in my bed.....ewwwww

I was going to title this post day 6 of a migraine but really who would have read it so instead I called it that because that was the result of day 6 of my migraine.

I have had a bit of a banner week this week, what with a freaking root canal on Tuesday and a few other such "celebrations" along the way all of which compounded this marathon migraine from hell. I would medicate myself into oblivion only to have it it come back 10 fold. Yesterday I HAD to get a bunch of things done so I medicated and ran at top speed whilst feeling good only to come home and crash really really hard at 6pm. The kids were great and very helpful. At 9pm I put them and me to bed in my bed. My final slurred sentence to them was, you haven't had dessert. My speech was slurred from the pain. I can't medicate but once a day and it is only imitrex so don't get all panicky.

They apparently took that to mean they could eat dessert in bed! This morning I found chocolate chip mint ice cream tattooing my comforter, not the sheets, oh no, they would be a breeze to wash. I really don't mind. they were awesome yesterday, they really were. Lily elbowed every single pressure point from my shoulder blade to my temple and back down. She massaged me like a pro.

Rosie just remained so quiet.

As for the head from hell...I hate to jinx things but I think I have turned the corner.

I'm taking a little break from the blog and all things social media. I'll be back very soon.


likeschocolate said...

Sorry for the 6 days from hell and the ice cream on your bed, but I hope you have a fun trip! We were suppose to go to Jamaica, but didn't end up there because of a tropical storm. We ended up going to Cozumel, so if Jamaica is one of your destinations then I hope you get to go there.

Valerie Emerle said...

Sorry you're under the weather. Have you ever thought about trying acupuncture for your migraines? Worked great for a girl I work with!

likeschocolate said...

crap, I just lost everything I just wrote you. Ugh! Not enjoying windows 8! Anyway, since you are leaving and you will not see my further post you should stop by Hemingway's house. The girls will love the 6 toed cats. Take the tour! Best value on the island. The butterflies are worth it, but not cheap! Do not take an excursion because you can do it on your own. Just walk down Duval street and use your app on your iphone to find your way. Or look up address before you go. Also try the Key Lime Pie dipped in chocolate on a stick. You can also find address for this on google. I think it is called the Key Lime Pie shop their are at least 2 not too far from dock. The light house not so worth the money. The view is ok! So skip that! Enjoy your trip. If Cayman is your destination, and you pick an excursion than pick something with the beach. We choose to jeep excursion and it was a rip off. Took us to national park and only saw beach, no animals and then they took us to bar. Jamaica we planned to go to fall, but I am not sure if the girls are big enough to do that. If your are going to Cozumel, we choose to going to Tellum and enjoyed that, but you might enjoy just doing a beach excursion. Have fun!

Kathy said...

Hope you are on the road to mending. Migraines are horrible! Enjoy your blogging hiatus, will be checking back to see you next blog.

Vivian M said...

Ugh migraines stink. Hope you are feeling better!

Brandi said...

I'm so sorry to read you're not feeling well. I hope the migraines have past and your on the mend.


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