11 Jul 2013

Mum, my bed's too small.

Rosie, all 5 ounces of her, has been complaining of late that her bed is too small. She slept in her sisters full size bed recently and loved the fact that she had so much room. The following night when I tucked her in she complained she was squashed in her tiny bed. I pointed out that if she evicted some of the squatters she would have plenty of room.

The child has so many animals in her bed that it drives me too distraction and she won't give up one, not one. She perches herself on the edge of the bed whilst these stuffed "things" take up 75% of the surface area. I finally decided that we needed to make over her room and get her a bigger bed. Since orange is her favourite colour we would paint the room and replace her bed all at the same time. She was quite giddy.

Quite giddy until she realised she would be giving up her bed. Kidlet thought she could keep her bed, along with the trundle and still manage to fit a full size bed in her teeny tiny room. Ohh, not happenening child, unless you are planning on sleeping suspended from the seiling. That put an end to all talk about a bigger bed.

Yesterday Lily convinced Rosie to use her trundle bed for all of her animals and sleep alone in her bed. I really don't like this idea as her room doesn't need 2 beds in it all the time but she thought it was a fabulous idea and before I could say a word Lily said she had an even better idea. Oh deary me.

Lily and her spent hours in her room yesterday just organising and being very busy and this was the final outcome. I will probably twitch nervously for days at the aesthetics of it all but the general idea is brilliant.  Rosie has a bed for her and a bed for her friends.

Almost alone
Why yes all these things did used to reside IN her bed with her. 
So for now it works. At least she has room to actually lay flat on her back, before she could only lie on her side.


Catherine said...

Love that your sweet daughters found a solution together! Cute idea for sure!

Hannah loves her 'fwiends' too!

Kathy said...

Too funny. Rieley also weighs next to nothing, 30 pounds at 7 years old. She too has lots of things in bed with her and will most nights come join us in our bed. She has all of the Disney princess stuffed dolls, plus AG dolls, and many other friends. Thanks for sharing your girls. Love reading aboutyour adventures.

Valerie Emerle said...

It's a little girl thing......Miss LiLi does the same thing. She has a full size bed & only sleeps in one little corner!

Beckyb said...

That is SO funny!! LOVE that!

likeschocolate said...

I was just like her as a child. So many stuffed animals. I have scatters in my bed, but they are of the real sort.

Vivian M said...

If Rosie is happy, then close the door and don't look. :o)


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