27 Jul 2013

Deering Estate.

The rotten thing about vacations is that they end and then you are stuck with reality! Yesterday whilst waiting in line at Barnes and Noble Rosie pipes up, out of nowhere, "I wish I could have room service again". Don't we all deary, don't we all.

I'm so behind in blogging. We have had such a lovely week meeting up with friends and doing all sorts of fun things. Last Saturday a friend asked us to meet her at the Deering Estate. I have never been so I jumped at the chance. Both of the girls were less than lack lustre with their enthusiasm so I gave both of them a camera and told them to snap their way through the estate. They had a fabulous time, even in the mind melting temperatures. Turns out our friend couldn't join us so we went alone. Summer time brings many many storms and she has dogs so she had to stay home and keep them calm.

It is beautiful and so easy to picture yourself living their in quieter, less complicated times.

It was HOT and they weren't happy to smile
Searching for crabs until......
they saw this. Then they made lots of noise and ran away.
looking unrealistically angelic
The cement house
The cement mixer that as used. Photo cred. Rosie
I want this ceiling
The garage
I love this house.
Looking back at the house from the bay (rose)
Hah! I bet it seemed so expensive!
Photo cred, Ro. 
Photo cred, Lily
And so I learnt something. If I want the girls to go and look at something, really look at it and learn, I just hand them both a camera and then they take in everything at every conceivable angle. Genius!


Nana said...

I think there might be a future photography studio for the girls...great, unusual shots. Beautiful, gorgeous smiling girls! Love, Nana

Vivian M said...

What a beautiful piece of history! Have you taken the girls to Vizcaya? It's also a beautiful old house full of history and gardens and water views.

Valerie Emerle said...

Love the photos from the girl's perspective!

dawn said...

yes Viv, I have, well at least Lily has been there, not so sure about Ro.

Pam said...

Great idea with the cameras! I'll have to give it a try!

Kimberly said...

Sounds like you're in Florida! South Florida - to be exact! My boyfriend had done a lot of wedding videos there (he's a cinematographer! I absolutely adore that property. And yes! The rain has been quite annoying. I actually work at a hotel and I felt bad for a lot of the guest coming to South Florida for vacation and, of course, sunshine. But luckily enough - family time makes the vacation and not the weather ;}. Hope you enjoyed / are enjoying! Have saw travels back!


Kimberly said...

Has* / )* / safe*

Typos courtesy of an iPhone ;}.



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